Christoper Mooney Principal

Welcome to 2021. It has been an absolute pleasure to start the new year onsite after such a challenging year in 2020.

To support our students in 2021, Point Cook Senior is shifting their focus of the Annual Implementation Plan to be in line with the Department of Education’s priorities – that is, we will be focusing on Happy, Active and Healthy Kids, Connected Schools and Learning, Catchup and Extension. In conjunction with this, the College will continue its focus on Literacy and Numeracy support and integrating Student Agency into all aspects of our school’s operation. This is spearheaded by our Student Leaders and a significant congratulations goes to James Garnham and Jessica Ly, our School Captains for 2021.

The school has invested in some additional outside equipment to support the happy, active and healthy kids’ initiative. Among other projects, this includes new shade cloths outside our Year 10 buildings to ensure sun-smart protection as well as offering additional outside seating areas for outside learning as well as recess/lunch. Our VCAL cohort in both 2019-2020 have also planned and implemented significant changes to our school grounds. Most notably, the Indigenous Habitat Garden and the painting of our many water tanks around the school. These projects recognise and pay respects to the Indigenous heritage of our lands as well as promote collaboration and teamwork from our VCAL students.

To finish, I would like to congratulate our class of 2020 whole heartedly for their outstanding results. Our Study Score average has remained the same at 28, despite the significant challenges that Covid19 had on our students, with our highest ATAR result being 97.10, an outstanding result. We also had an outstanding result for those VCE students who applied through VTAC to gain university/TAFE entrance, with 96.75 % of students receiving an offer. We look forward to hearing of their achievements in the years to come

Christopher Mooney


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